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Everyone CAN DO Something!
Help us shape the FUTURE
Building a better planet starts with YOU.

Put your Inspired Energy to work with PCM

Get Ready! Project Critical Mass is LAUNCHING!

. We are currently getting funding in parallel to our NPO status under application and we are looking for your help.

As Project Critical Mass continues it’s launch process, there will be local and online events, awareness campaigns, community gatherings, fundraisers, workshops, panels and so much more! Most importantly, we don’t do anything unless there is fun and excitement involved. Woot Woot!

Fill Out the Form Below To Get JOYFULLY Involved 🙂


Join fellow conscious Human beings serving a greater purpose towards peace, freedom and love.

Already doing good in the world? Magnificent!
We want to unite with you.

Do you specialize in one or more of these key areas:

    • Tools or practices for shifting your focus, emotions, vibrations?
    • Are you providing a platform for others to discuss, share their ideas, content and opportunities that support consciousness?
    • Your life’s work has been to discover the power of the human body? This may be around biology, neurology, noetic sciences, epigenetics, etc.
    • Is providing healing, therapies, alternative medicine and holistic approaches your purpose?
    • Do you have work around conscious relationships, communication and other aspects of human psychology?
    • Elevating Consciousness is a deep passion?
    • Do you work with alternative energy systems and new technologies?
    • Sharing indigenous cultures, stories and history your area of expertise?
    • Your purpose has brought you around the world uncovering our ancient history?
    • Does your conscious work involve training, mentoring and coaching?
    • Are you guided by higher dimensional influences sharing activations, light languages, working with light, gateways, and grids, to name a few?
    • Is your burning desire to share truth, honoring free will and supporting people’s journey to awakening?
    • Are you work with vortex math and/or sacred geometry in your business or engineering and design?
    • Do you love to love and whatever your passion, purpose, life’s work stems from that?


Fill out the form below to get involved with Project Critical Mass™.
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Are you interested in becoming a strategic partner or sponsor, funding, offering services or in-kind donations?
Contact our Community Development team at: