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Step Marketer’s Outcome Statement™ for Project Critical Mass™:

“It’s July 11th, 2022 and we have successfully helped achieved a 51% positive, loving energy on the planet and are well on our way to helping 1 million HALO™ businesses double the number of people they help. We feel profound gratitude & joy as cool wet tears stream down our faces to warm our hearts. Everywhere we go we’re greeted with loving hugs from grateful people, families & children. We feel blessed and grateful to be in service to humanity in this way.”


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About Step Marketer

Step Marketer is a marketing company that focuses on helping Healers, Artists, Lightworkers and Others evolving consciousness (HALOs) grow their businesses.

WHY we do what we do:
We dream of a joyful planet where everyone is living their soul's purpose (what you came here to do). In that space work becomes play, life adorns meaning and you radiate joy to your family, friends & the world you encounter.

HOW we do it:
We use Quantum-Conscious Marketing™, a “new earth” system for informing, developing & manifesting growth for businesses who want to do good in the world. Facets of Quantum-Conscious Marketing™ include: the 20 element Step Marketing FORMULA™ & Step Marketing MAP™, the One Sheet Quick-Start Step Marketing PLAN™ and Marketing Intuitive™ services ~ all industry firsts.

WHAT we do:
If you aren't sure what your soul's purpose is, we help you uncover it. If you know your soul's purpose, we help you Grow Your Business through Growth Coaching, workshops (think fun-shops) and weekly & daily community support.

3 Core Aspects of Step Marketer:


Original Innovative System of
cutting edge marketing simplified into a step-by-step formula, map & plan that anyone can follow.


We believe life is meant to be fun. We go to great lengths to ensure you feel energized & enjoy the process of growing your business.


There is a new energy on the planet that is "heart-centered" & "quantum-conscious". Our trainings & tools are in alignment with is energy. 

Step Marketer's "stretch goal" for Helping HALOs 

Some PCM Partners choose to create additional "stretch goals" for themselves to help out even more.

Step Marketer's Stretch Goal:

2x 1M HALO businesses 

by 7/11/2022

"It’s July 11th, 2022 and we have successfully helped 1 Million HALO* businesses double the number of people they help.  We feel profound gratitude & joy as cool wet tears stream down our faces to warm our hearts."

*HALO = Healer, Artist, Lightworker, Other evolving consciousness

How we'll do it...


Partial Sponsorship Available for HALO Businesses: Apply Here


HALOs love our  Grow Your Business  classes & coaching that start monthly.


Weekly & daily support for HALOs via our community & Loving Approval Buddy programs.

Step Marketer's PCM Webpage

Learn about how Step Marketer can help you Grow Your Business through their classes, growth coaching and original, innovative marketing system.

Step Marketer also has sponsorships available for HALO (Healers, Artists Lightworkers and Others evolving consciousness) businesses.  Visit their PCM (Project Critical Mass) web page for details.