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AweLove University

Life skills, Conscious, Communication, Groups, Classes, Coaching

AweLove University’s Outcome Statement™ for Project Critical Mass™:

“It’s July 11th, 2022 and we are humbled and in awe of how everyone pulled together to achieve a 51% positive, loving vibration on planet Earth. We feel immense gratitude for all of humanity & love for each and every person on their personal journey of conscious evolution.  We now turn towards the future in loving expectation of the full physical manifestation of New Earth - peace, love & harmony within and with all.”


  • Life Coaching
  • Couples & Group Coaching
  • Collective Conscious Coaching™
  • Conscious Communication
  • Loving Approval Buddy™
  • Consciousness Practices


Badge Founding Member of Project Critical Mass
Badge Certified Quantum Conscious Business
Badge HALO Sponsor

About AweLove University

AweLove University is driven to lovingly help people: uncover their burning flame, develop their personal authenticity and foster deep human connection.

WHY we do what we do:
​Humanity has embarked upon an evolution in consciousness. Many of us have been called into service to help humanity with the ascension process. We've said "YES" to that call and feel extremely blessed and "on purpose" to be doing what we do. That and we love you.

HOW we do it:
Loving approval towards ourselves and others is a key element at AweLove University. We utilize spiritual practices, the non-conscious sciences & quantum-conscious technologies to train loving approval, acceptance and other beneficial behaviors into our system. 

​WHAT we do:
We offer practices, systems & guidance in the form of coaching, groups & classes to help individuals consciously evolve in the areas of communication, relationships, focus, growth, loving approval and connection.

3 Core Aspects of AweLove University:

Loving Approval.

We practice loving approval towards ourselves and others because people do amazing things when give even small amounts of loving approval.

Unique to you.

We believe you are divinely perfect just as you are.  So our practices & systems adapt and adjust to the unique expression that is you.


Experience deep connections to inner aspects of yourself, your higher self, others and the magnificent world that is all around you.

AweLove University's PCM Webpage

Learn about how AweLove U™ can lovingly help you: uncover your burning flame, develop your personal authenticity and foster deep human connections.

AweLove U™ also has sponsorships available for Healers, Artists Lightworkers and Others evolving consciousness (HALOs).  Visit their PCM (Project Critical Mass) web page for details.