Project Critical Mass™


Critical mass occurs at 51% positive loving energy on the planet, after which the other 49% will more readily evolve as well.

by Monday, July 11ᵗʰ 2022

We know this is a huge undertaking.  With your support it all becomes possible.  TOGETHER WE CAN do it!

The kind of world we choose to create.

(join in)

We are collectively offering the future together
We are a planet of sentient conscious beings.
Our innate evolutionary impulse, thrusting us forward.
We are naturally being called to expandto be thriving in our lives.

There is a rise in awareness now.  From our youth, to individuals, organizations, and CEO's of billion dollar companies all seeking to see the same thing, and we are witnessing that evolutionary shift occurring now.

“We are at a crossroads. The evolution of the consciousness of our global culture is our stake. Thankfully, changes are already appearing through scientific trailblazers, community policy initiatives, independent media, social development and individual enlightenment. Slowly but surely we are making progress…”.  We MUST support this shift.

Our inherent birthright is to be in joy, live a life filled with potential, that we live in loving and accepting communities, where we are safe and healthy.  Where every aspect of our life is completely sustainable and that we have full autonomy over our lives.


This is the Conscious Evolution at hand and the need of the hour is to mindfully be present, in all that we do, to keep ourselves elevated, to shift and raise our own electromagnetic frequency and light quotient.  Consciousness is shifting and we are nearing Critical Mass.

We MUST step up and actively participate as part of our global community. From our own individual lives and families, our local communities to our place in humanity.

Some of us are creating practices, some of us are creating communities, some of us are providing resources, while some are tackling the major global issues through new science, businesses, organizations and technology.  Even more are being called as Wayshowers, sharing science, wisdom + enlightenment.

We are amidst the throws of an upgraded civilization. We are all doing our part to make the world a better place for the generations coming in. This will be affecting billions of people in a few short years and the next generations will be raised in a  supporting culture, something we have never experienced before.    

It is not just time to continue discussing it, or have insights into it, we must be living it, BEING it. 

It is time to WAKE UP, Consciously EVOLVE & lend a HELPing hand.  (join in)

the ultimate consciousness

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of the atom to vibration. I must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter” – Max Planck (founder of quantum theory)
Everything is Energy

We live in an electro-magnetic universe.  EVERYTHING is Energy!  You give off an energy field every moment of every day.  Think about the incredible effects of consciously being able to shift your energy to a state of Joy or Peace.  Can you imagine what millions of energy fields bumbling around out there emanating joy, interacting with other bubbles of energy would do to the entire planet?!?!?

Remember: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  However, all energy can be transcended and transformed.  

Raise Your Vibration

There are a myriad of simplistic tools and practices that do not require much time to easily raise your vibration throughout your day.  When one finds themselves getting stressed or frustrated, taking the time to just stop and breath can bring a present awareness that opens the door to possibility and opportunity. 

Here's a secret: Focusing on Gratitudes WILL transform your reality.

Be in Service to Others

We find that as we are all experiencing trying times.  Perhaps we don't know what we need to do next in our lives, or how to transform, shift or release something we are struggling with.  When feeling stuck, simply turn your attention towards helping someone else.  What follows is an outpouring of clarity, joy and a general feeling of being lighter.

Hearts for Others:  Smile at a stranger, hold a door open for another, ask yourself, "How can I use my gifts, ideas or skills for another today?"

3 Core Facets of Project Critical Mass

How WE WILL ACHIEVE Critical Mass.

I. "WAKE UP" People

Most of humanity is still asleep however now, things are starting to 'not make sense' and something is stirring inside. If this is you, you are being called to WAKE UP.

II. Consciously EVOLVE

We ALL need evolve our consciousness on a day by day and moment by moment basis so we can raise our vibration individually to collectively achieve critical mass.


HALOs (Healers, Artists, Lightworkers and Others evolving consciousness) need our help so they can help more people "wake up" & consciously evolve to being more loving.

july 11th, 2022


Critical Mass has been achieved

We are overjoyed to announce that on July 11th, 2022, WITH all of YOUR HELP, a 51% positive loving vibration has been achieved on our planet Earth (Gaia).


We know the work has only begun however the "hard part" is over.  Now that we've reached the Tipping Point the rest of humanity will evolve more readily and rapidly.

We feel blessed to be on this mission with you.

img Love wins