About us…


We Love Life! We Love People!  

We Love to Love!

We are dedicated to serving ALL of HUmanity and ALL Life.

In this, we are here to live our passion, our joy, supporting the conscious evolution and all inherent good.

We are wayshowers, leaders, doctors, health care professionals and healers.  We are motivators, thought leaders, philosophers, journalists and researchers.  We are engineers, scientists, lightworkers, artists and musicians.  We are carpenters, builders, mentors and teachers.  We are youth, students and entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and community organizers.  We are a collective of for-profit and non-profit organizations.  We are service women and men, park rangers, mountaineers, runners and outdoor enthusiasts.  We are farmers, creators and makers, spiritual leaders.  We are web geeks and designers, marketers and developers.  We are your neighbors, your friends and your family.  We are you, we are one.

We are a global community of every race, color and creed.
We are sovereign sentient beings.
We are in service to ALL.

Some of us have dedicated our lives in service to others, evolving consciousness and supporting healing and transformation upon this planet.  Some of us have begun our awakened journey in the last several years and found our hearts calling to bring more joy and light to the world.  Some of us are amidst our awakening NOW and have discovered and overwhelming desire to change complete directions in our lives with a burning desire to understand more and recognize that our purpose is to evolve and in doing so, find being a part of something greater than ourselves is accelerating our growth and opportunity exponentially.  

If you are being called into service, or just have a general yearning to understand more about yourself and the world around you, or perhaps you already have an organization, a business or are an individual already doing good in the world – OUTSTANDING!

We are looking to collaborate with YOU!

Share with us your interests, ideas, areas you specialize in.
We are nearing Critical Mass, and YOUR participation is requested.


  • Integrity – It’s the theme of Ascension.  Whether you are consciously aware or not, being in integrity can be felt and resonates deeply with all.  We are a collective co-creative consciousness, which means that one must be in integrity with themselves and in integrity to the world around them.
  • Equality – We are all One.  We are each a unique, perfect, individual expression of self, and that is to be celebrated and honoured.  In the same point, we are all human beings, all of us, our sovereign birthright to have freedom, liberty, pursuit of happiness, joy and autonomy over our lives.
  • Social Responsibility – As part of the HUman race, we have accepted the responsibility to support projects, commissions, organizations, business and individual endeavors that create a continuous culture of stewardship within our communities, environments, the planet and all life.
  • Unity – Serving all of mankind, our culture is built around unifying all people in the common goal to bring the planet peace.
  • Be in Service – Hearted – We are in Service to Others.  Drop the mic.
  • Pioneering – Continuous growth, expansion and innovation are the lanes upon which we direct the course of this mission and vision.
  • Evolving – At the core of our mission, we are here to help humanity evolve, it’s the conscious technology age…the age of enlightenment.


How We Do This:

  • LEARN – Educate yourself through our Resources Tab on what consciousness is and how you expand yours.
  • COMMUNITY – Become a member, volunteer, join a community of fellow sojourners discovering new things about yourselves, the world and support bringing more JOY to the Planet #JoyCheck #IAmPCM
  • BE IT – Be the change you want to see in the world.  FOCUS on the reality you want to create…not the residual reality of the old.  Use the simple, repeatable, daily practices to shift your consciousness now


Share your joy now!  #IAMPCM #JoyInAction #JoyCheck

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