Project Critical Mass' Outcome is to Achieve...

51% + Loving Vibration on Earth
by July 11th 2022

Countdown to Critical Mass:


Current Vibration on Earth:

45.8% Loving


where LOVE is the predominant driving power.

Think of a child who gives LOVE freely.  It brings them such joy to cause others to smile.
What if YOU were so filled up with love & joy that it spilled over into everything you do.
OUR DREAM: a world filled with loving, joyful people at peace.

Girl giving love without attachment

How WE WILL ACHIEVE Critical Mass by 7/11/22

The 3 Facets of Project Critical Mass

I. "WAKE UP" People

Most of humanity is still asleep however now, things are starting to 'not make sense' and something is stirring inside. If this is you, you are being called to WAKE UP.

II. Consciously EVOLVE

Our conscious evolution is nourished by our choices on a moment by moment basis. As we choose peace, love & joy we raise our individual vibration and add to the collective vibration of humanity.


HALOs (Healers, Artists, Lightworkers and Others evolving consciousness) need our help so they can help more people "wake up" & consciously evolve to being more loving.

The Solution is Simple...

a more Loving You = a more Loving Planet

"It Is All About Love. It Is All About Caring. We Are All In This Game Together, We Are All Connected. You May Not Be Able To See It With Your Eyes But If You Go To The Quantum Universe, Some Of The Physics Of Nature, We Are All Connected.”  — John Assaraf —

Our Vibrations Affect One Another

We are ALL Connected

Spirituality has long known this fact and now science has overwhelming proof that we are indeed all connected.  What one person thinks and feels affects the collective whole.

Thoughts and emotions can now be measured and calibrated.  Love, joy and peace calibrate at high vibrational frequencies while anger, fear and shame are low in vibrational frequency.  It really does matter how you feel!

We make up the vibration of humanity

Collectively TOGETHER

Since we are all connected there is a vibrational frequency that can be calibrated for all of humanity on earth.

And since far too often we have allowed our vibrational frequency to be sustained at states of shame, grief, fear & anger - much of humanity has remained asleep.  Our Mission is to change all of that.

Love Always wins because...

LOVE is MORE powerful!

Love and joy are astronomically more powerful than fear or hate.  We can measure emotions & thoughts, we can even see the effects of thoughts and emotions on frozen water molecules.  Experts agree, love and joy outweigh fear and hate by such a staggering amount - it's difficult to comprehend.  Example: love is 10 sextillion times more powerful than fear.  That's 10 followed by 400 zeros.

So EVEN A LITTLE more LOVE goes a long way.

img Love wins

NOW is the time to...

Consciously Evolve to being More LOVING!


For the first time in history...

Evolution is now a CONSCIOUS CHOICE

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Futurist, American Visionary

"We are moving from unconscious evolution through natural selection to conscious evolution by choice."

Eckhart Tolle

Author, Spiritual Teacher

"human evolution is not inevitable, but for the first time in the history of the planet, it can be a conscious choice."

The age of Conscious Evolution has begun

      (the age of more LOVE, JOY & PEACE)


When we consciously take charge of our energetic state of being: we feel better, we're happier and we consciously awaken to how we directly affect all those around us.
Together we awaken.


Humanity has embarked upon an evolution in consciousness.  As we each embrace our expansion, new heights and awareness become available to all.  Together we ascend.


Everything is perpetually in motion, vibrating, alive.  As individuals, our vibrational state of being contributes to the collective whole of humanity. 
Together we move. 

Project Critical Mass Partners

Companies adding to the LOVE on the planet

Step Marketer

AweLove University

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YOU are already involved.

Whether YOU know it or not, we are all in this together.
We are all one. We are all connected, energetically.
We ALL need to do our part.

NOW is the time to...

Together, LOVE WINS!